Your speedway to digital marketing

Personalized digimedia marketing with Anoorupa Bose

Get your brand pushed to new heights with a personalized mentoring session and digital media strategy. Anoorupa will study your brand, analyze the possibilities and dangers, as well as create an personalized marketing/digital advertising plan, which your brand can benefit from. Get all the tips and tricks, which will help your brand to succeed faster!

 About the mentor:

Anoorupa is a Creative Director at Optimist with a strong experience in the digital marketing sphere. 

Her background involves working as creative director for Saatchi & Saatchi India, creative controller for Ogilvy Worldwide India and creative supervisor at DDB India.

Anooropa’s way of seeing digital marketing: In this digital age, it’s useless to crack creative campaigns if you don’t understand the technology to drive them. I Always combine creative ideas with analytics, market insights, realtime optimisations and media planning to maximise campaign ROI.“

Check Anoorupa’s LinkedIN profile.

Interested? Act fast as 2 brands from Tallinn Creative Incubator can participate.

How to apply?

 Answer to 3 questions:

1.What is the higher purpose of your brand? Why do you exist? This question is not about what your product is, but about how it will positively effect your consumer’ life.

Apple’s brand purpose is to inspire people to think differently:

Nike’s brand purpose is to enable people to find their own greatness:

Diesel’s brand purpose is to inspire people to take risks and not be sensible all the time:

So what is yours?  It doesn’t have to be a clever well written line right now. You can just simply explain it

2.What about your product will help you to achieve this brand purpose? For example Apple gives you all the technology, mobility, etc etc to empower people to be creative and think different. What are all the things/features/aspects about your product that will help you achieve your brand purpose?

3.Who is your target audience? If you have different groups, please mention all different groups. If you are not sure who your target audience is, please mention that. 

Send your application with the answers to

Application deadline 10.03. The chosen brands will be announced on 16.03

The event is supported by Enterprise Estonia project “Loomemajanduse ettevõtete konkurentsivõime, jätkusuutlikkuse, ekspordivõimekuse ja teiste majandussektoritega koostöö arendamine 2020-2021” (EU53522).

Event participation is granted as de minimis aid to the companies.