Group mentoring: How to laser your target market?

Group size: Up to 10 people

What kind of questions we need to consider when entering new markets?

In the seminar we discuss on target market clients, profitability, marketing budget. Additionally, we focus on LinkedIn and Video Marketing opportunities.

Seminar topics:

  • Laser Target Market Focus (each one appeared to be trying to sell into numerous markets with no real focus, meaning potential cash flow issues with potential poor client service).
  • The Correct Use of LinkedIn to Laser Focus Connections: (If B2B no one had “brilliant” LinkedIn skills or new how to approach connections on LinkedIn, it is not like advertising on SM, there is a whole different approach)
  • Video Marketing to B2B & B2C (This is a major way of getting found both organically and using “Teasers” to get clicks to the website, backed up with CRM capture).

The seminar is delivered by Tallinn Creative Incubator’s business mentor Andrew Whitfield. Andrew has over 10 years of experience in multi-channel Online B2B Wholesale plus B2C Retail, Website Keyword Driven Content and Competitor Analysis Strategies to grow an existing business or launch a new start-up. Running online businesses is about the customer experience and managing supply chains in line with seasonal sales spikes. Andrew has also strong background in commercial finance and has helped many online business owners to focus on growth strategies with an eye on their ROI (Return on Investment).  

Companies of Tallinn Creative Incubator – free
All others – 24€ (VAT inc.)