Fundamentals of writing a pitch

The objective of this training is to give you practical experience and tools for pitching and presenting your ideas to decision-makers and international audiences. You will learn the fundamentals of how to write a story-driven pitch and deliver it, as well as how to make use of audience feedback to improve your presentation content and delivery. Don’t expect to be great after the two hours – it’s the beginning of a long and very challenging learning journey!


Gleb Maltsev
From founders and developers to scientists and designers, Gleb Maltsev trains people to speak to audiences with clarity and meaning. His goal is to help people discover, hone and communicate their stories in direct and compelling ways. Over the course of 10 years, he’s trained hundreds of executives to pitch in meetings, events, including trade fairs such as the Mobile World Congress, Smart City Expo, Electronica — and startup founders pitching for capital at Slush, Latitude59, TechChill or LOGIN. Most importantly, he’s trained himself. The hard way. By listening to other people’s stories, rewriting and delivering them at every workshop, and opening himself up to audience judgment. He’s done all that so others will do the same and grow from it.