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Design meets Science: Your future flavours

AEG: 19.04.2024 kell 13:00 - 15:00

KOHT: TalTech Loodusteaduskonna maja (Akadeemia tee 15), SCI-109

This time, the Design meets Science event focuses on food technology. Embark with us on a journey where innovation meets food sector. What are new innovative ingredients for food? What sort of food research is done today? How to use the existing material in a new way? What sort of fooods are we eating tomorrow?

Discover the latest breakthroughs in innovative ingredients that are reshaping the way we think about food.

The speakers include:

  • Sirli Rosenvald (FUNKI) - Funki is developing environmentally friendly protein products by utilizing the power of filamentous fungi.
  • Kristel Vene (Raw Edge) - Raw Edge produces functional products from fermented vegetable juices.
  • Marge Kõllamägi (Green Bite) - Green Bite is the first company in Estonia engaged in the production and supply of food from insects.
  • Dmitri Eivin (Sunfly) - SUNFLY has launched sunflower seed butter, soon protein powder and milk to come.


The event will take place: April 19th at 13.00 in TalTech Loodusteaduskonna maja (Akadeemia tee 15), SCI-109

The event is in English and free, but registration is requiered.

REGISTER HERE: https://forms.gle/sEWezfbgUdo7wFUB8


Sirli Rosenvald (FUNKI): Dr. Sirli Rosenvald is the co-founder and CEO of the foodtech company Funki Foods, and Food Research Director at TFTAK. Funki is developing environmentally friendly protein products by utilizing the power of filamentous fungi. She believes that mycoprotein has a great potential in shifting our food systems towards more sustainable, resilient and health-friendly paths. With over 10 years of experience in food research and development, Sirli has led various teams and received numerous international recognitions.
Kristel Vene (Raw Edge): Kristel Vene has dedicated the last 15 years to the exploration of food aroma and taste. When she's not uncovering culinary secrets, you can find her at Tallinn University of Technology, shaping the future of food innovators by teaching product development, food safety, quality, and analysis. Outside the lab, she is a devoted mother of two sons, balancing work, family life, and hobbies like dancing and orienteering with the precision of an experienced chef. Additionally, her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to establish two companies, the latest being Raw Edge, which produces functional products from fermented vegetable juices. Recently, Raw Edge secured the second prize in Estonia's most prestigious accelerator "Ajujaht".
Marge Kõllamägi (Green Bite): Green Bite is the first company in Estonia engaged in the production and supply of food from insects, but not only. Our product range includes environmentally friendly superfood bars, natural multivitamin Beet Flour, Cricket Bread, and authentic crickets. Some of the products are also handmade in Estonia. Green Bite is a small Estonian company offering a cool, distinctive, and healthy product range in both Estonian retail chains and through Amazon in the US market. The journey of entrepreneurship has been dizzyingly exciting and eventful: our focus has shifted from a home-based experimental farm to the development and marketing of health products.
Dmitri Eivin (SUNFLY): Dmitri Eivin is the CEO and Co-Founder of SUNFLY, where they embrace a visionary approach to the future of plant-based living, putting sunflower seeds on the center stage! With a focus on taste, nutrition and environmental consciousness and major allergen free advantage, they've mastered every step of the sunflower seed journey, from cultivating and harvesting to transforming them into delectable high protein products, packed with healthy fats and numerous vitamins and minerals for you to enjoy on a daily basis. Embracing a field-to-fork approach, they actively contribute to preserving our precious natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions. He studied in UK, finished BA in Business Econimics at University of Exeter. Came back and started production in Ukraine with the main activity of processing sunflower seed for confectionery industry and wild bird food. In 2020 they had an idea to process sunflower seed only for food products. SUNFLY launched sunflower seed butter, soon protein powder and milk to come.


Design meets Science is a series of events held in cooperation with Tallinn Creative Incubator and TalTech. The purpose of the series is to bring together researchers and entrepreneurs interested in the topic in order to find opportunities for cooperation. The aim is to introduce the different research works that take place at TalTech and how entrepreneurs can take part in the opportunities offered by the university.


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