If Instagram doesn’t work, what does?

Is the era of Instagram coming to an end? If and how should young brands use Instagram today? Can you build a well-known brand without Instagram?


Instagram has been a very popular marketing channel for many young brands over the years, but today it is becoming more and more difficult to gain leverage and be noticed by people. Moreover, the platform has been continuously dropping the organic reach and forcing its users to pay for marketing. 

The webinar will explore the experiences of three brands:

Elena Gasulla – www.liebrestyle.com Founder and Designer at Liebre Style, an international luxury brand that creates limited-edition creations inspired by textiles from around the word. Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at West-Pomeranian Business School.

Rauno Kutti –  aegaon.com and organia.eu Rauno Kutti will represent two brands – AEGAON and Organia. AEGAON has combined the traditions of watchmaking with modern technology to set a new level of quality in the league of premium class watches. Only highly recognized Swiss, Japanese and other manufacturer’s movements are used in AEGAON watches to guarantee their precision and durability.

Mari Ann Lumeste – www.korrastuskunst.ee Mari Ann Lumeste is a certified Marie Condo trainer and practitioner.  She offers seminars and private consultations about how to organize your things and tidy up spaces. She is a one man show and she is not planning to grow bigger. Instagram has been a very important marketing channel for her, but besides Instagram, she has received a lot of attention from the traditional media. Today she is doing good and is still active in Instagram, but invests much less time in it than before.

The webinar will be moderated by business mentor Merilyn Kesküla. Merilyn has a vast experience in the fields of fashion and marketing. From 2016, she is managing a company producing digital content Keskula Digital, which is operating in the UK and Estonia. Keskula Digital clients are companies mainly working in fashion, music, sustainable lifestyle and wellness fields. In addition to digital marketing, Merilyn has been involved in trend research and analysis, has planned and created brand environments (pop-ups, event spaces), organized media events and fashion shows.