How to raise money from crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a practice of funding a company or a project by raising small amounts of money from many investors. The crowdfunding market has been growing worldwide for several years and it is a great alternative for raising capital for young companies.


There are different crowdfunding models and platforms. The seminar introduces 3 different crowdfunding sites in Estonia: Funderbeam, Fundwise and Hooandja.

You will find out: How to choose the right platform for your company? What are the requirements of different platforms? How to build up a good campaign? Good examples and best practises.

  • 16:00- 16.05 Gathering and introd
    16.10 – 16.40 Funderbeam (Ardo Mardisoo)
    16.40 – 17.15 Hooandja ja Fundwise (Jelena Zovnikova)
    17.15 – 17.25 Case study, Upsteam (Martin Kristerson)
  • 17.25-17.34 Case study,  Lucky Laika (Tarieli
    17:30 – Mentoring sessions


If you want to receive 10 minutes of individual mentoring about crowdfunding, please let us know in the registration sheet.

The event is free of charge for Tallinn Creative Incubator, Tartu LMK and Tehnopol incubants. 

Discount price 20€ + VAT : Tallinn Creative Incubator alumnus, Tallinn Creative Incubator tenants, TDH designers, KODA members,  Tartu LMK alumnus, EFF designers.

All others: 25€+VAT

The event takes place in ZOOM.

The current seminar is supported by the project  “Creative industry companies competitiveness, sustainability, export capacity and cooperation with other economic sectors development 2020-2021” (EU53522). Participation in the seminar is considered as de minimis aid for the companies.