From Player to Creator: How to craft your own video game?

Ever captivated by the worlds of video games and dreamt of building your own interactive masterpiece? Look no further! Join us on March 13th for a unique opportunity to hear it directly from game developers themselves.


Together with Gamedev, we have organized an event, that provides an informative overview of the gaming industry, including its current state and the opportunities it offers. We’ll delve into the practical steps involved in bringing your game concept to life, from building the right team to acquiring essential skills.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the key elements of successful games, explore funding options, and touch upon marketing strategies. This session is ideal for anyone interested in understanding the journey from game idea to polished product.

Speakers include:

18:00 – Andrejs Rusinoviskis

Andrejs is the CEO of GameDev Estonia and GameDev HUB, HR at Ringtail Studios, and the manager of Ringtail Academy, an affordable 3D modelling and animation program. He actively contributes to the growth of the Estonian game development scene and facilitates connections with international markets.

18:15 – Jordan Morris

Creator of “Haiku the Robot” a 2D action-adventure platformer released on Steam and the Nintendo Switch. Jordan built his game all by himself! Now he is working on their second game “Rusty’s Retirement”.

19:00 – Ott Madis Ozolit

Technical Lead and Co-Owner at Placeholder Gameworks, a game development company based in Tallinn, Estonia. With over 10 years of experience, he’s worked on various projects, including the award-winning “Disco Elysium.” He’s also a co-founder of the Estonian Game Developers Association and a passionate advocate for the industry.

The event is co-hosted with Gamedev.

The event is in English and FREE, but registration is requiered!