Communicate with Confidence: Brand message workshop

Feeling lost when it comes to crafting your brand message? You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and personal brand builders struggle to articulate their unique value and connect with their audience consistently. This workshop is designed to change that.


This workshop offers a framework to find a clear, direct, consistent message for your brand, so you always know what to talk about on your social media, website, keynotes, networking, pitching and more.

What you’ll gain:

  • Clarity: Understand your audience’s deepest needs and desires, enabling you to create a message that resonate with them.
  • Focus: Discover the 3 core messages that encapsulate your brand essence, eliminating confusion and ensuring consistent communication across all platforms – social media, website, keynotes, networking, and pitching.
  • Confidence: Draft your first social media posts using your newfound clarity, feeling empowered to share your brand story with the world.

Whether you’re a startup founder, freelancer, or personal brand aspirant, regardless of experience level, this training is for you. If you struggle to put your message out there effectively, this workshop will equip you with the tools to confidently share your brand story.

Join us and stop struggling to find your brand voice. Start speaking with clarity, consistency, and confidence.


The workshop will be carried out by Vic Halley. Vic Halley is a brand enthusiast with a knack for distilling the essence of complex ideas into simple strategies. Businesses call on Vic when they’re ready to become the Brands that their customers will trust, love and talk about. He’s been leading a movement advocating that “Brands Transform People”: Brands have become the modern leaders, philosophers, gurus, and religions, and they shape the big turning-points in our lives. From Strategy to Visuals and Product, Vic provides CEO’s, founders and teams with all the clarity needed to become a Turning-Point Brand that leaves people changed forever.


The event is in English and FREE, but registration is requiered. The event takes place in Loomeinkubaator (Veerenni 24C).