1nspiring day: Your next step in business development by Bart Jenezon, NL

Because we all need a little inspiration once a while.

The practical workshop is for people with entrepreneurial mindset as in 1 day we are developing a business ACTION plan to stand-up, start-up & scale your business. All participants will be provided an 1nspiring e-book on the workshop content.

Delivered by BART JENEZON via online:
founder of 1nspiring Company, business mentor, supporting several programs like Commerce/ Smartcity/ Media/ Fintech & IoT.

During the day we will work on your business ACTION plan and you will get ready for growth. How we do it?
– The Startup Way
– Entrepreneurial tools & simplicity
– We will focus on your business concept, customers, company
– E-book of inspiration for all participants

We built our framework and core on the spirit of The Startup Way & Lean Startup by Eric Ries. At this core of 1nspiring are recognized business theories, such as The Golden Circles (Simon Sinek), The Value Proposition Design (Alexander Osterwalder) and Customer Development (Steve Blank). We bring cover them all at one, bring them together and help you to stay focused.

The event has been successfully launched in Amsterdam, Barcelona (April or June), Bucharest, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Wroclaw (June), Madrid (May) Bucharest, Haarlem, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca. The activities are powered by Startupbootcamp, Amazon, Google, Hubspot, Leapfunder, Tribes and the local partners.

1nspiring is the new way of working to stand-up, start-up & scale-up.
Our business services helps you to speed-up your the business development.

Get ready for growth, becoming part of inspiring communities & International hubs!

Check out the introductory video!

Companies of Tallinn Creative Incubator, LMK, Tehnopol companies – free
Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry members, Tallinn Design House Designers, Tallinn Creative Incubator Alumni, All others  – 24€ (VAT inc.)
Registration is limited to 50 attendees.