Teele Tomps

4. märts 2024

+372 56 226 288 teele@inkubaator.ee 

Teele has long-term experience in the public sector as a field manager, which included coordinating recruitment and training processes, advising the board and substantive development of the organization. She has a youth work organizer education from Tallinn University. She has also studied tourism management and became an interior designer’s assistant in the field of textiles.

Teele has participated in various projects both as a participant and as a leader, and this has definitely improved the ability to manage groups of people, to cooperate with people from different fields, and to expand one’s horizons. She is also a master at finding clever solutions to problems.

Can help with:

  • Creating a pleasant customer experience
  • When organizing teamwork
  • Substantive development of the company
  • Recruiting and creating training processes