With the help of the incubation programme, you will create a successful and sustainable company and reach your set goals.

  • Trainings, seminars, networking events (more than 30 thematic events) take place during the programme.
  • Each company will receive a personal consultant (up to 2 consultations per month), who will guide them through the programme and provide a bystander’s perspective.
  • As needed, companies are brought together with mentors who offer expertise and advice in specific areas (a total of 8 hours of mentoring during the program).
  • Community with other entrepreneurs participating in the programme.

At the end of the incubation, the company has a functioning business model, a well-thought-out brand and marketing strategy. The entrepreneur has calculated the financial plan and product pricing. In addition, the company has analyzed the possibilities for implementing circular economy.

The programme ends with the presentation of the company in front of the jury, and the best entrepreneurs of the season are determined.

Incubation focuses on the following topics:

  • Business model and value proposition
  • Product / service life cycle and circular economy
  • Fundamentals of brand strategy and marketing
  • Marketing channels
  • Product/service pricing and finances
  • Pitching and company presentation

Next programme starts in March 2024.

Price 60€/month +VAT

Incubation target group:

  • Start-up companies, incl. product designers, service providers, platform creators, start-ups;
  • Companies operating in the field of creative and circular economy;
  • The product / service prototype is ready and the first customers are available;
  • The founder has the ability, motivation and time resources to develop the company.

The aaplication process consists of the following steps:

Programme schedule:

The schedule for the March 2024 programme will be announced in early 2024.