Nele Plutus

programme manager / consultant

+372 5665 6647

Nelev has long experience in the field of international sales and export. She has carried out several market research projects and helped companies find suitable cooperation partners. In addition, Nele has done business development and sales work in a startup offering a machine learning solution and founded an English-language event series called Estonishing Evenings.

She enjoys generating new ideas, solving marketing and sales challenges, and conducting research projects.

Topics where Nele can help

  • Business model development
  • Market research
  • Marketing and sales development
  • Foreign market entry
  • Creating partnerships

Helen Arme

service manager / consultant

+372 5623 1013

Helen has long-term business experience as a small business manager in wholesale and retail, bringing several well-known international brands to the country. Before that, she worked in food distribution and marketing. In addition, she has experience as a project manager in an advertising agency.

Helen has a business education from the Estonian Business School. She has also studied design and thereby gained practical experience in both large and small manufacturing companies.

She likes to think along with customers, generate new ideas and make them come true.

Topics Helen can help with:

  • Designing environmentally balanced products and services
  • Business communication and negotiations
  • Marketing strategy
  • Design and product development
  • Sewing Technology/Garment Manufacturing

Monika Pärnsalu

consultant / project manager

+372 530 45402

Monika has long and comprehensive work experience in foreign trade in Tallinn and five years in London. In addition, she graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu and an MBA from the Estonian Business School in international business management (with a specialization in marketing). She also has entrepreneurial experience in the field of design. She likes to generate new ideas and implement them.

Topics hhe can help with:

  • Start-up business,
  • Brand development, positioning
  • International transport, logistics, foreign payments
  • International negotiations and agreements

Teele Tomps

consultant / project manager

+372 56 226 288 

Teele has long-term experience in the public sector as a field manager, which included coordinating recruitment and training processes, advising the board and substantive development of the organization. She has a youth work organizer education from Tallinn University. She has also studied tourism management and became an interior designer’s assistant in the field of textiles.

Teele has participated in various projects both as a participant and as a leader, and this has definitely improved the ability to manage groups of people, to cooperate with people from different fields, and to expand one’s horizons. She is also a master at finding clever solutions to problems.

Can help with:

  • Creating a pleasant customer experience
  • When organizing teamwork
  • Substantive development of the company
  • Recruiting and creating training processes

Kristel Mõistus

project manager

+372 52 11 524

Kristel is a project manager with more than 15 years of experience in business consulting, marketing and education. At the same time, export and international cooperation have been consistent features, working in various roles in both the private and public sectors.

In the Creative Incubator, Kristel has taken on the topics of the circular economy and the green revolution, having obtained a master’s degree in science communication at the University of Dalarna in Sweden. Among other things, Kristel has also completed the “Green turn management” micro-degree program jointly organized by Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn University, and Tallinn University’s 2-month training module “Practical implementation of the circular economy in the company”.

Continuous know-how growth, innovativeness, openness and creativity in finding the best solutions best characterize Kristel.

Kristel previously managed the Tallinn Technology and Science Center for a long time, advised production and service companies on strategic issues and contributed to the international marketing of Estonian education under the Education Estonia umbrella brand.

Topics that Kristel can help with:

  • International cooperation
  • Circular economy and the green revolution
  • Scientific communication
  • Education Marketing
  • Preparation of business plans and strategies

Anu Lõhmus


+372 5646 5868

Anu is the manager and founder of Tallinn Creative Incubator and Tallinn Design House. She has long-term experience in business and as an initiator and manager of development projects.

You can get good mentor advice from Anu on the following topics:

  • Fashion business
  • Branding and the language of photography
  • Work organization and management of a small business
  • General business questions

Margaret Aidla

marketing manager

+372 5905 2098

Margaret has a previous background in communications and marketing. She majored in public relations at Tallinn University’s BFM Institute.

Margaret has worked for various organizations and projects, such as PÖFF and the European Parliament, where she has been involved in social media content creation, marketing and communications.

Topics Margaret can help with:

  • Marketing
  • Social media (content creation, ads)
  • Content writing
  • Visuals (photos, videos, design)
  • PR

Mary Lehtmets


+372 5694 6233

Käthlin Reiman


+372 565 2256