Egle Lätt-Dodge ja Piret Rätsep

16. jaan 2020

Piret and Egle are the founders of Estonia’s first fashion agency, fashionavant. fashionavant was founded in 2015 with an aim to professionally advise fashion and jewellery brands and to support them in marketing, sales and export. To date, fashionavant has organized participation for several Estonian brands in trade shows, fashion weeks and showrooms in Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, Kiev, London and Berlin. They have also organized a press tour in Estonia for leading Italian fashion magazines. During the last four years, fashionavant has collaborated with 14 different Estonian fashion and jewellery brands. Before founding fashionavant, both Piret and Egle worked in sales and marketing for various local and international companies.  

Egle and Piret can advise you on:

  • Starting and growing export
  • Market research and selecting a target market
  • Creating sales and marketing materials
  • Participating in trade shows, showrooms and fashion weeks