Tallinn Creative Incubator has been operating since 2006 and has contributed to the development of more than 1000 companies since then. Currently incubator serves as a growth platform for 40 companies including both design and technology companies.

We provide entrepreneurs a tailor-made 24 month development program, including a personal business consultant and business mentors, who contribute to the success of each business. In addition, there are various workshops and joint study visits to fairs and conferences taking place during the incubation programme. We hold an interim evaluation after each 6-month period, where we assess the progress of the company and set targets for the next half-year.

The monthly fee
for the incubation service is
90€ + VAT
with a reduced fee of
60€ + VAT
during the first six months.


Target group

Our target customer is a starting buiness. Our expectations upon entry:

— founders are highly-skilled professionals in the selected domain; 
— product/service has a distinct value proposition and competitive advantage;
— first successful sales are made or market demand has been validated;
— team has an ambition to grow globally.

Exceptionally, we also accept projects that are in idea phase if it has unique value proposition and highly motivated ambitious founders.

Application process

The application process consists of the following steps:

— filling in the application form;
— meeting with incubator consultants;
— preparing business presentation and financial prognosis;
— presenting the business in front of evaluation committee.

To join the program, you can fill in the application form here.

Our target customer is a design business or other company in creative field that is registered in Estonia and has less than 2 years of operating history. Read more about applying for incubation service, application procedure and granting of incubantee status.