Indrek Adler

12. nov 2018

Indrek has more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. He is Bellus Furniture company sales manager and has managed export of the Finnish cosmetics brand Lumene, which was based on distributor model. Indrek has experience in different fields thanks to working on three continents: both in Eastern and Western Europe, CIS, in the Middle East and Southern America. His own entrepreneurship experience is also very rich: from founding and managing the businesses to closing. Working for international companies like Scottish & Newcastle ja Orkla Grupp Indrek has learned the tips of communication with people from different backgrounds and (business) cultures.

Indrek Adler can advise you on:

  • sales management and organization: how to build, manage and measure sales
  • from launching a product and exporting it
  • export readiness and strategy
  • picking the target markets
  • entering the markets of the CIS region