Contactperson: Heidi Kogres
Mob +372 511 8881

BLU Group OÜ

The idea of B.l.u jeans came to life due to the common problem in buying jeans. People cannot find the right cut, the right color of the fabric; the back pockets are not exactly what we would like them to be, etc. In order to solve these problems, B.l.u jeans was established, which enables to buy jeans of the cut and other details exactly corresponding to your taste without leaving home. The jeans ordered by you will be made of carefully selected high-quality materials. The B.l.u jeans are only made on special order and each pair is thus unique. The price for pair of B.l.u jeans is 130 EUR and it is not dependent on the selections you make. We believe you will be satisfied with your jeans!