Whimsical shirts that look good, feel good, do good.
SWÄRK is a fun-loving eco-minded men’s shirt company based in Tallinn, Estonia. The button- up shirts with a twist are made by hand, using the combination of carefully selected new, organic and recycled materials. It’s a brand built on friendship as it started out as a project of two girls re-designing second-hand shirts. The shirts were a big hit so the hobby soon turned into a business. We’re a small team of close friends. We spend a lot of time together. We work many hours a day. We work many nights too. We love to celebrate and to eat bananas. Some of us are obsessed with llamas and some do handstands during the lunch breaks. We don’t like living by rules, but we have some that we follow: to always have fun and to never lose the excitement about what we do. We offer an alternative to today’s fast fashion by producing responsibly and in small quantities. We simply want you to buy less and enjoy more.