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19. Oct 2016

Winners of CREA Summer Academies will pitch at the CREA Business Idea Contest at SMAU in Milan

After an intensive training, the winners of all seven CREA Summer Academies will present their business ideas to investors and incubators in Milan.

At the SMAU conference in Milan in October this year the top 14 teams of all CREA Summer Academies will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to international investors and incubators. A jury will select the three CREA-winners of this years’ competition.   

Over 140 participants from all over the world have attended from June to September 2016, one of the seven CREA Summer Academy in Estonia, Italy, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Slovenia and the UK. The CREA program offers students of European Universities an all-around training that bring them from the identification of market opportunities, to the conceptualization, planning, and start-up of a new venture. At the end of the two intensive weeks, the two best teams from each academy are selected by an expert jury to participate to CREA Business Idea Contest. The competition for early stage business idea – after a successful edition at the ICT Conference in Lisbon in 2015 – will be hosted this year at SMAU in Milan, Italy’s biggest ICT Fair.

A learning-by-doing program for future entrepreneurs

Each Summer Academy has a specific thematic focus that rotates around the CREA three main pillars: ICT, creativity and entrepreneurship. In Estonia, the Summer Academy focused on the “Creativity in Sales” and was organized by Tallinn Business Incubators. For two weeks from the 15th of August to 26th September, 13 young and ambitious founders from seven countries had come to Tallinn to learn from international entrepreneurs, experts and professors, how to start their own company. Creative business modeling, digital marketing, funding techniques and creative sales techniques were some of the methods used and experienced in interactive workshops.

Participants have been working in teams on a concrete business idea for two weeks. At the end of the CREA Summer Academy in Tallinn, two international teams were selected to participate in the Business Idea Contest in Milan: FLOUD – is the first cloud flood detection system, and WONDERWALL – is a versatile modular furniture system with the properties of a wall.

Check out the follow-up video of CREA Summer Academy in Estonia:

Together with the winners of the other Summer Academies, they will now travel to the CREA Business Idea Contest in Milan. Before the Contest, participants will fine-tune their projects within two days Prototyping Bootcamp hosted at the Makers Hub in Milan. The newly created hotspot for creativity and makers will offer participants all the tools needed to translate their ideas and mock-ups in working prototypes. Experienced international mentors will guide and support the teams during the two days. The bootcamp will be also a great platform for exchange and networking for the 58 international future entrepreneurs.

With a solid business model and a first prototype, the teams will be ready to face the CREA Business Idea Contest on the 27th October. Here they will pitch their business ideas to investors, business angels and incubators with the aim of receiving valuable feedback and of establishing relevant contacts for the future. The three best teams selected by a top-class jury will be announced during an evening award ceremony. The third classified will receive online mentoring support from the platform 100 mentors, the second will profit from an intensive two weeks of incubation at Crosspring, while the first will be awarded with a three months incubation program in an European incubators of choice. Finally, all three winning teams will receive support from an expert in setting-up a crowdfunding campaign.



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