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Creative Entrepreneurship

The Creative Incubator (24 Veerenni Street, Tallinn), which was opened in September 2009 in the Baltika Quarter, is a suitable place for entrepreneurs who are starting or developing business in the creative industry.

The Creative Industries Development Centre, which started work in 2012, offers creative enterprises and entrepreneurs support which helps them to develop entrepreneurship, encourage internationalisation, and promote sales activity on foreign markets.

Cooperation helps creative entrepreneurs become more visible for customers and other important target groups and it also helps creative people in improving their capability to understand business and the prerequisites for conducting business. By directing the customer’s attention to the need to ensure the sustainability of business, we create an opportunity for co-marketing, cooperation and creating contacts with market channels. The Development Centre has connections with all the important players in the Estonian field of creative industries

Our services are used by active and busy fashion designers, film and animation producers, photographers, jewellers, glass and leather artists, and many more people in the creative industries. We provide all the conditions to enable entrepreneurs to develop and grow successfully. You will enjoy working with us as there is always something going on—exciting trainings, workshops, exhibitions or studio sales.

In 2010, the Creative Incubator received the award-winning second place among more than 50 competitors in combining technological entrepreneurship with creativity and culture at the worldwide Best Science Based Incubator contest.