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All enterprises who wish to develop and reach new markets are welcome to join the incubation programme.

Incubation is the most beneficial for growth companies. A growth client is an enterprise which in its second year after being launched has a sales revenue of at least 200 000 euros, and of which export makes up at least 25%; in case of quick growth, the size of the export is expected to be at least 200 000 euros or its growth at least 20% a year.

In the creative field, we are primarily expecting teams who are working in architecture, fashion, graphic or product design or creating and producing audio–visual content.

The prerequisites for joining the Incubation package are:

  • 2–3 members in the team (ideally, marketing and economic skills are represented);
  • The leading creative person has high professional competence and recognition in their field;
  • The planned product/service is based on a creative signature style, technology, material use or business model that enables to develop competitive advantages;
  • The team has the ambition to use their professional skills profitably in entrepreneurship.

We help the businesses that have joined the programme to achieve their business goals through an individual development programme which lasts for 24–36 months. The programme is divided into 6-month-long phases which end with reviewing what has been achieved and setting further goals.

When the incubation programme finishes, the enterprise will have developed a specific product or service, will have a firm clientele, will have achieved a certain turnover and created a functioning team that supports further development. A body of consultants and mentors that suit the needs of the entrepreneur help to achieve the goals. Different trainings and co-marketing activities that we organise speed up entering the market and reduce the associated risks. In order to support export, we offer the incubees a network of contacts and the chance to apply for a grant for entering foreign markets.

We value a direct and active cooperation with the entrepreneur. It is active dialogue that creates the foundation to later see the achieved results together.

Since 2006, we have incubated 170 enterprises and at the moment the incubator is a hotbed for more than 40 enterprises.

The incubator cannot support enterprises whose main business areas are the following: real estate, finance and insurance, retail and wholesale business, agriculture, hunting, fishing, alcohol and tobacco, gambling, market research, public opinion polls, management consultations.

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