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Tallinn Business Incubators offer their services in four different areas dependent on the entrepreneur’s development stage and goals.

  • Entrepreneurship ABC We explain the basics of entrepreneurship, consult and educate on defining business ideas and their growth options. As a result, our client has the opportunity to decide whether to start their own enterprise and develop their business idea further.
  • Creative Economy Development Centre’s aim is to facilitate the development of products and services and launching them through networking and cooperation. Development Centre creates opportunities for joint marketing, cooperation and creating connections with sales channels for its clients ,and directs its client’s attention towards the necessity to ensure an enterprise’s sustainability (profits exceed expenses). On the Estonian scene of creative economy, the Development Centre has connections with all the main potential business partners.
  • Incubation helps to achieve business goals through individual development programs, where the product/service, business model and the team are prepared for fast growth. The program complements the team with consultants, experts and mentors, as well as facilitates developing necessary contacts, thereby decreasing time needed for growth. In addition, the program helps to reduce risks.
  • With work rooms we offer the opportunity to rapidly acquire rooms for teamwork and offering services to customers.